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  1. Michigan Makes A New Bid To Dominate The Autonomous Age

    The State of Michigan has partnered with the University of Michigan to allocate $700,000 to commercialize 10 next-generation mobility projects.
  2. 'Alita: Battle Angel': Can James Cameron Give Fox Another Christmas Miracle?

    Fox will have to hope that they can sell this James Cameron-produced sci-fi biggie as the next 'Avatar.'
  3. Brady Bunch Home Lists For $1.885M, Could Get Hit With Wrecking Ball

    The house used as the exterior in “The Brady Bunch” sitcom hit the market last week for $1.885 million. It’s famous, but perhaps not famous enough to survive. Real estate agents say it’s likely to be bought as a teardown.
  4. E-Scooter Craze Poised To Lift Tesla, Other Battery Makers

    Lithium-ion batteries have been around for decades, but investment opportunities are in this market are about to get more attractive as the global electronic vehicle market builds the foundation for future growth, and e-bikes and e-scooter prove to be more than a fad.
  5. 'Teen Titans Go! To The Movies' Review: It's 'Deadpool' For Kids (But Better)

    While not quite as subversive as the show, this is still an entertaining and deeply self-depreciating superhero romp.
  6. The Global Energy System Is Becoming More Electric, But Not Fast Enough

    More money was invested in electricity than in oil and gas in 2017, for the second year running, says the International Energy Agency. But investment in renewables fell, mainly due to changes in the Chinese market. The upshot is that the world is not investing enough to meet climate change targets.
  7. Detroit Auto Show Goes Outside And Warmer Updating A Format Under Pressure

    The Detroit auto show announces big changes including a move from January to June. But will that catch-up move be enough to save a format challenged by economics, social media and changing habits.
  8. The CEO Of GE Digital On What Is Next For The Industrial Icon

    Bill Ruh is the CEO of GE Digital. He leads the significant digital transformation that has been afoot at the 126 year old industrial icon for multiple years. He notes that focus on "soft" factors such as culture and beginning the transformation as the company's own customer are essential.
  9. Mitchell Robinson's NBA Success Highlights The Truth About College Basketball

    Mitchell Robinson's success in the NBA summer league despite not playing a minute of college basketball leads one to question whether NCAA Division-I men's basketball programs and their highly paid coaches really do much, if anything, to prepare elite athletes.
  10. Can Your 401(k) Be Hacked?

    You need to know if your 401(k) is safe from hackers. Here are some questions to ask your employer.
  11. Russian Gas Doesn't Power Germany - Renewable Energy Does

    As of this month, renewable energy has become the single largest power source in Germany, at 36.3%. Russian gas accounts for just 4.3% of power generation.
  12. Anthem In Telehealth Deal With Samsung And American Well

    Anthem is collaborating with Samsung Electronics and telehealth firm American Well to expand access to virtual doctors for its Blue Cross health plan members.
  13. Detroit Auto Show Moves To June From January in 2020 As Industry Dynamics Invite The Big Shift

    Responding to quickly changing industry dynamics and the desires of some key exhibitors, the North American International Auto Show announced that it will switch to June from January in 2020 and stage a more highly dimensionalized event aimed at keeping the Detroit show vital far into the future.
  14. Europe Pessimistic On U.S./E.U. Auto Trade Talks, But Might Have Misread Trump

    President Donald Trump meets European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker Wednesday to talk about auto tariffs and there’s not much hope around in Europe that an all-out trade war can be avoided. That might be a misreading of President Trump’s intentions and the tactics he uses.
  15. Sorry, Bill Maher. U.S. Set To Grow China-Like At 5%

    Barclays Capital is looking at 5% 2Q GDP. They've also hiked their forecast for the year, making it one of the best economies in the Americas.
  16. Founder, Not A CEO - Some People Need To Start Companies, Not Run Them

    Tom Savage is a Founder, not a CEO. Some people are better at starting companies, and not running them. With his "outing", Tom has caused a bit of a stir in the startup community by suggesting that we're not playing enough to people's strengths if we force founders to be CEOs. We can do better.
  17. NASCAR Isn't Dying; Sees The State Of The Sport In Transition And Evolving

    In interviews with more than a half-dozen NASCAR executives, team execs, drivers, and television analysts, here's an exclusive view of NASCAR in transition.
  18. Among Dumb Ideas Sure To Make The U.S. Poorer, Trump's Auto Tariffs Stand Tall

    A long time ago, Scottish economist Adam Smith analyzed the reasons why interfering with trade increases poverty and restricts access to wealth.
  19. Papa John's Board Moves To Prevent John Schnatter From Gaining Majority Control

    Papa John’s will implement a “poison pill” that aims to prevent any shareholder, including founder John Schnatter, from gaining a controlling interest in the company.
  20. Tesla Now Has Competition--For Customers And Capital--In China's NIO

    Those sales in China came against a backdrop of almost zero competition for Tesla’s Model X and Model S, but that era of good feelings ended with a thud on June 28, when China's NIO delivered its first ES8 model to a customer. There is real competition for Tesla's higher-end models in China now

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