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  1. A Nasdaq for Sneakerheads? E-Commerce Site Aims to Tame ‘Chaos’ of Luxury Market

    The founders of StockX believe a stock market model can help level the playing field for high-end items, even if it can’t help average consumers afford them.
  2. Bags of Cash and Stealthy Deliveries: How Pot Start-Ups Pay Taxes

    Marijuana sales are now legal in 30 states. But the federal government has not made it easy for the owners of those businesses to pay their taxes.
  3. Like a Tattoo, This Wedding Favor Is Forever

    “There were some people who were too drunk to get tattoos,” said one bride. So, a groomsman became an informal ink bouncer. Others have been “just drunk enough to concede.”
  4. Some Said They’d Flee Trump’s America. These People Actually Did.

    Like modern-day von Trapps, minus the singing, families are climbing mountains and fording streams with nothing but backpacks and a Wi-Fi connection.
  5. The Dress Doctor Is In

    Dawnn Karen of the Fashion Institute of Technology is a leader in the growing field of fashion psychology — or why we want what we think we want.
  6. These Triplet Models Want to Take This Town by the Throat

    Arianna Levesque is the stylist and designer; Andrea the photographer; and Athena the actress. But they always market themselves as one.
  7. Entrepreneurship: Bringing a Personal Touch to Plus-Size Fashion

    Spurred by an underserved market, entrepreneurs are offering personalized service to women seeking stylish clothing in larger sizes.
  8. New Jersey Is Last State to Insist at Gas Stations: Don’t Touch That Pump

    As of Jan. 1, the only other holdout, Oregon, allows people in certain counties to fuel up their cars themselves.
  9. In a Complex Tax Bill, Let the Hunt for Loopholes Begin

    A 2004 change by Congress, meant to foster domestic manufacturing, may provide a cautionary tale: You can mine a lot of tax breaks from just one word.
  10. Entrepreneurship: California Marijuana Start-Ups, Shut Out From Banks, Turn to Private Backing

    As recreational marijuana becomes legal there on Jan 1., entrepreneurs will be rushing in to a nascent market. But finding expertise and financing will be challenging.
  11. Many Unhappy Returns? Online Holiday Shopping’s Big Hangover

    Boxing Day has a new meaning in the era of e-commerce: packing and shipping or lugging back stuff bought in those gleeful clicking sprees.
  12. Somewhere Between a Food Truck and a Food Tent, You’ll Find a Cubert

    The portable, foldable, self-contained vendor booth is the newest innovation in mobile food service.
  13. Entrepreneurship: Giving a Family Business a Jolt With Coffee That Empowers Women

    When Alyza Bohbot’s parents considered selling their roasting company, she took over instead, with a mission to create an “unapologetically feminine” brand.
  14. The Times in Person: Readers in Michigan: We Need More Skills, Not More Jobs

    After an article is published about a “job creator” in a state that voted for Donald Trump, new on-the-ground conversations add richness and depth.
  15. F.C.C. Plan to Roll Back Net Neutrality Worries Small Businesses

    Small companies, which have increasingly turned to the internet, worry that a pay-for-play system online could price them out of doing business.
  16. Future Tense: Amazon Key Is a Lot Less Scary Than My Post-1-Click Remorse

    The ghosts of the sneakers I didn’t buy are following me around the World Wide Web! An in-store purchase is more satisfying, studies confirm.
  17. The Chickens Come Home to Roost on Long Island’s North Fork

    Along with cows, sheep and even snails as livestock returns to eastern Long Island farms.
  18. Entrepreneurship: As ‘Unicorns’ Emerge, Utah Makes a Case for Tech Entrepreneurs

    In an area called “Silicon Slopes,” at least five start-ups are valued at more than $1 billion, a sign that Utah has become a growing force for tech incubation.

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