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  1. Could AI Developments Get Out of Hand? Have They Already?

    Fear not the killer robot, at least in your business AI applications, but plenty can go wrong that is a lot less dramatic.
  2. The 6 Simple Steps Elon Musk Uses to Solve Any Problem

    You learned these steps in elementary school, but do you ever actually use them?
  3. Elon Musk's Formula for Successfully Growing Companies Faster

    There is no denying the many ways in which Elon Musk is unique. There is also no denying the fact that you can learn something beneficial from him.
  4. Tesla Has Revealed Its New Roadster, the Quickest Car in the World

    It goes from 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds, has a top speed over 250 mph and a range of 620 miles.
  5. Coaching and Parenting Have Similar Goals But It's a Big Mistake to Do Them the Same Way

    Good parents want their kids to grow up confident and empowered with a positive outlook. Managers want their employees to grow the same way, but they won't if you treat them like children.
  6. 11 Gift Ideas Perfect for Co-Workers, Employees or the Entire Office

    Be a superstar in this year's holiday grab bag.
  7. Tour the Offices of the Makers of BarkBox, Where Humans Work and Dogs Play

    Bark is a company designed for dogs, and in many ways, by dogs.
  8. The Unsexy Business That Amazon Wants to Conquer Next But Probably Can't

    Amazon is a behemoth but Amazon Business is unlikely to ever dominate business-to-business commerce.
  9. Learning to Work With Robots Is How You Can Save Your Job.

    You aren't likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence but you could be replaced by somebody who does the job better using artificial intelligence.
  10. This Entrepreneur Helps Celebrities Harness Their Fame to Build Their Brands

    Fans tend to view celebrities as untouchable icons. Barrett Wissman guides them off the pedestal into the more approachable role of social media influencer.
  11. Walmart Enters High-end Fashion Space With Lord & Taylor Online Partnership

    Plus, Poshmark raises $87.5 million and a Chicago startup lets you order snacks to your seat at events.
  12. 5 Ways to Get a Journalist to Respond to Your Pitch

    You can be heard, you can get great responses to your pitch, you can find the right approach -- however -- you'll rarely recover from being annoying.
  13. Here Is a Strategy For Making Yourself Irreplaceable Before Artificial Intelligence Learns to do Your Job

    The best way to avoid losing your job to a robot is learn how to do your job working with one.
  14. 9 Tactics for Promoting Your Next Event

    Nothing is better for establishing your authenticity than being in the same room with the people you need to connect with.
  15. 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Join a Startup

    Beyond the glitz and hype, a new businesses may present a certain gritty reality. Steer clear if you're not prepared.

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