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  1. 7 things to know before the bell

    Here's what you need to know about the markets before you start your business day.
  2. China's ZTE fires back over US ban: 'We cannot accept it'

    ZTE has lashed out at the US government's move to prevent it from buying technology from American companies.
  3. Allergan kills talk of mega takeover bid for Shire

    Drug-making giant Allergan says it has no plans to make a massive bid for biotech firm Shire, the latest twist in a saga that has played havoc with the companies' share prices.
  4. Check US stock futures

    View US stock futures
  5. Will GE uncover more 'skeletons'?

    A battered company reports earnings on Friday. The question is whether it can restore the confidence of shareholders and employees.
  6. How fruit juice got boxed out of the health craze

    Consumers have been scared off by juice's high calorie count and sugar content, and they've been lured away by beverages that offer health benefits or a caffeine boost.
  7. Procter & Gamble is struggling

    Read full story for latest details.
  8. Mattel CEO is out after just over a year on the job

    Read full story for latest details.
  9. Walmart employees may soon get a more lax dress code

    Walmart is testing out a new dress code that allows workers to show up in blue jeans.
  10. Quest: Starbucks is an example of crisis response done right

    Read Quest's Profitable Moment.
  11. From witness stand, AT&T chief details new $15-a-month streaming service

    Randall Stephenson shares details about AT&T Watch, which is expected to launch soon.
  12. Every Bon-Ton department store is closing

    The Bon-Ton Stores, which filed for Chapter 11 in February, were cleared for liquidation by a bankruptcy court judge.
  13. Window seat or aisle? After Southwest incident, some fliers think twice

    CNNMoney readers discuss whether a fatal accident on a Southwest flight will affect their flying habits.
  14. Premier League revenues hit record high $6.4 billion

    The Premier League reported record revenue for the 2016-2017 season of nearly $6.4 billion.
  15. AT&T antitrust trial comes down to testimony from AT&T CEO

    AT&T chief executive Randall Stephenson defended the $85 billion bid for Time Warner as a necessary means for AT&T to keep pace with tech powerhouses like Google and Facebook.
  16. 'Fearless Girl' is moving to a new home

    Read full story for latest details.
  17. 'Fearless Girl' artist wants her message spread beyond Wall Street

    Kristen Visbal, the sculptor who made "Fearless Girl," has been quietly selling full-size reproductions of the beloved sculpture.
  18. Health care could cost couples $280,000 in retirement

    Health care costs could be your biggest and most unpredictable expense in retirement.
  19. Karl Marx ?0 bills are red hot

    Read full story for latest details.
  20. Men say they were arrested within minutes after arriving at Starbucks

    Read full story for latest details.

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