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  1. Puerto Rican economy faces hurricane nightmare

    Insured losses will range from $40 billion to $85 billion, according to one estimate.
  2. CBO: GOP health bill would reduce number of insured

  3. The health care debate: Live updates

  4. Twitter says why it won't remove Trump's N. Korea tweet

    The North Korean foreign minister said Trump "declared a war" with the tweet.
  5. WhatsApp is blocked in China

    The app is widely blocked in the country.
  6. Companies pledge money to rebuild Puerto Rico

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has released its initial tally of companies that have donated to Hurricane Maria relief.
  7. Nike sides with NFL players in Trump showdown

    Nike stands with NFL players who took a knee during the playing of the National Anthem.
  8. Doris Burke named national NBA game analyst

    Burke, who has covered professional and college basketball for ESPN since 1991, will now have a formal role as a game analyst for he NBA.
  9. Carmelo Anthony raising money for Puerto Rico relief

    NBA star Carmelo Anthony has started a YouCaring fundraiser to try to raise money for Puerto Rico relief efforts. So far he's raised over $200,000.
  10. SEC chairman asks for probe of 2016 cyberattack

    Securities and Exchange Commission chief Jay Clayton has asked the agency's inspector general to investigate a 2016 cyberattack that infiltrated its electronic corporate filings system last year.
  11. Melinda Gates: The VC industry 'needs to clean up its act'

    Read full story for latest details.
  12. Pro-Trump media goes on offense for President

    President Trump's supporters in the media came out in full force this weekend, supporting the President after he called for the firing of NFL players who have chosen to raise awareness of racial injustice by kneeling during the national anthem.
  13. Fighting climate change with timber high-rises

    Some architects are turning to sustainable wood to reduce the environmental cost of building new homes for London's growing population.
  14. Get ready for new travel restrictions

  15. Uber CEO apologizes to Londoners

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  16. In-flight Netflix coming to more airlines in 2018

    Netflix wants to offer its quality low-broadband mobile technology to airline carriers.
  17. Ford: We respect NFL players' right to protest

    Ford, a sponsor of the National Football League, said it supports free speech in response to days of protests by NFL players.
  18. iOS 11: Secret features you're probably not using

    iPhones and iPads get new powers and some secret settings in iOS 11.
  19. JPMorgan devotes $10M to fight poverty in D.C.

    JPMorgan Chase is hoping to ease Washington D.C.'s income inequality problem by investing $10 million in two of its poorer neighborhoods.
  20. Did anthem protests hurt NFL ratings?

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